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I just feel like writing

Navegando por internet encontré una excelente entrevista al escritor estadounidense S. Elliott en The Believer. Nada más alentador que escuchar estas palabras: "siempre que te sientas bien escribiendo no te preocupes qué tan importante son las palabras, si va a gustar o no, lo importante es que fluyas y que te dejes llevar, eso es escribir" (mi traducción). Y aquí algunos extractos interesantes de la entrevista (en inglés):

"You just gotta write what you feel like writing. When the words are really flowing, that's a gift. It doesn’t matter what the words are. Whatever your paint is, just use it and paint. Whatever you feel like writing, you don’t ever want to worry about whether or not it’s important, or whether or not people will like this kind of writing. The fact that the words are flowing, you just have to go with that. I don’t teach very often, but when I do, I always talk about the importance of easy writing. If it’s coming easily, that’s not a bad thing. Don’t let that inhibit you. Go there."

"And you know, whatever you feel about Bukowski, I don’t really care. At the time, it gave me permission to write a certain way. I said, ok, it is interesting to just write your experiences. And valid to write your experiences. As long as you don’t bore people, as long as you don’t make the mistake of thinking the reader actually gives a shit about you, then it’s ok. It changed my life. I read everything he wrote multiple times. I still read his novels. I read Women a few weeks ago. I’m actually talking to a class at Brooklyn College about it tomorrow".

"I worry about that. I’m always in a race against my own enthusiasm.It’s like I have to finish something before I lose my enthusiasm for it. Which is kind of the same thing as what you’re saying. As long as I’m enthusiastic I’ll have things to say. Twice I’ve worked on a novel for an entire year, where that was the main thing I did for that year. And twice, at one point I just looked at it and said, “Ah, fuck it.”

Stephen Elliott

La entrevista completa se puede descargar aquí : 

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